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Being a premier international city, Hong Kong has been a world-class business and trading hub in Asia. Its superb geographical location at the centre of Asia allows international businessmen to travel conveniently and freely to everywhere across the region. Plus its pivotal role as the window to China market, Hong Kong is no doubt the perfect choice for all traders to do and develop business in Asia.

Asia’s high-speed economic development in recent years has fuelled the growing demand for a big variety of luxury products, among which gems, pearls and all fine jewellery products are particularly popular. To jewellery manufacturers and sellers, the fast-growing Asia is rising up as a market with huge potential and lots of business opportunities. The several major jewellery shows that take place in Hong Kong every year are important events for global jewellery suppliers to tap the burgeoning market in Asia. The first International Gem & Jewellery Festival, to be launched in September 2016, sets to provide a brand new trading platform for gems and jewellery buyers and sellers in the region and from across the world to meet and develop new business opportunities together.
Market in Focus: Asia & China

As gems, jewellery raw materials and fine jewellery products from Asia gain pervasive popularity among buyers across the world, the global gem and jewellery sourcing has gradually shifted focus to the Asia Pacific region. The jewellery industry grows rapidly in many Asian countries:

  • India is now one of the three largest centres for diamonds in the world.
  • Thailand has long been one of the important supply hubs of gems in Asia.
  • Indonesia is the biggest supplier of South Sea pearls in the region.
  • Sri Lanka has in recent years become a fast-growing supplier of raw gems.
  • China, with its high-speed economic growth, fast-rising per capita income and consuming power, makes the number one destination for market development by many international jewellery enterprises. A growing number of new stores are being opened by retailers focusing on luxury and fine jewellery items in all big cities. China is now the world’s second largest market for fine jewellery, following the U.S. China is a lucrative market with huge potential and vast business opportunities.

The launch of the International Gem & Jewellery Festival is to capture this new market situation. The new exhibition will bring together high quality international gems and jewellery manufacturers and suppliers to meet buyers mainly from Asia Pacific and beyond.